Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Re-do of St Patricks Layout

Hello All!!

I posted my St. Patricks Layout before and then I was looking at it and it needed more. I made the other paper piecing and then added it to the Layout and made my own title. This page is for my Son's Scrapbook for this year. I am glad I am not sooo behind on his book. 1 Layout is better than none :). He is only 11 weeks so I need to start keeping up with it. 

I still have not even started the 2011 book for me and my Fiance. I need to get on that and I only have 2 pages left for the pregnancy album. It is really hard to do things especially when he takes a nap this mama want's to take a nap also. LOL!! 

I hope you like this new Layout!!

The main 12x12 is a navy blue paper that I thought went really well with the plaid. 

Thanks for stopping by! I think I am going to work on something and post it later today. 


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Pat N. said...

What an adorable layout. So soft and baby-looking. Congrats on the birth of your new son! I missed the announcement. (I would take a nap too when he's sleeping!)lol.--Pat N