Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Planner Mess up

Hey guys I'm back!! I was trying to be productive and decorate the monthly spread in my Happy Planner... Oh man! Let me tell you, I goofed so bad! It looked awful. 

Look at how bad I smeared everything. I stamp all the time and have no idea why all the sudden On this layout I messed up so bad. Then I was trying to figure out ways to fix it. I remember that I had some Avery sticker sheets so I went ahead and measured all those monthly boxes and cut sticker sheets to cover everything. 

I took some time to decide what I wanted to do with the spread, I decided that I wanted it simple but functional. So I started re stamping on the sticker paper and it looks so much better. I am so happy with how it looks now. Take a peek... 

Thanks for stopping by today! I will once again be back soon!! I have some wonderful news to share with all of you!! 


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