Friday, February 4, 2011

Just had to share

I just got done making my puppy her own blanket. She loves my tie blanket, so I just made her one and she loves it!! She also has a little pillow and I had extra fabric so I made her a tie pillow as well. They turned out so cute!!! I love them!

She has not been feeling well. She was up this morning sick and has been acing weird all day so we are just snuggling today :)


Libby Beach said...

Awww :( That sounds like my day over here with my son :( I'm hoping it's just a 24 hour bug **fingers crossed** Hope she's feeling better soon. You did a great job on her blanket and pillow!! :) They are very very cute :)

Karen said...

OMG Love the blanket Ashley, My dogs love to snuggle too!! I hope you dog is feeling better, I will see you on Sat for our blog hop!! Libby I hope your son feels better too!!

Tracy said...

WAYYYYYYYYY too cute! Sorry Tilly isn't feeling well- hope she perks up soon!