Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Thing of Beauty Award

Hey everyone!!
I just looked at my comments and noticed that I had gotten the "A Thing Of Beauty Award" from Sherrie over at Sherrie Scraps with Passion. Im so excited to get this award!! Please visit Sherrie's blog and show her some love. 

The rule of this award is to tell 5 things about yourself (including why you like crafting), and pass the award off to 5 people. Please stop over and enjoy everyones blog. 

1. I bring my Gypsy to work and design things
2. Im getting Married in October in Las Vegas
3. I make a specific scrapbook every year for our events
4. I have an adorable puppy Matilda
5. Summer is my favorite time of year

I am giving the award to:

Thank You for stopping by today!! Please visit these wonderful ladies and come back soon!! 

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Anonymous said...

such a beautiful award.