Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 1

So I am going to do my best at posting everyday and then making crafts and showing them off. I encourage you to join in. 

Today for the first post I was just going to do a little update since I am not finished with the card I am working on and havn't posted in a while...

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had my great grandma's funeral, she passed away the 13th of November, so that was really rough. She was 98 years old and had a nice long wonderful life. She will be missed very much. Our whole family came in from Las Vegas, Arizona and Washington for the funeral, so I got to meet a lot of people that I have not seen since I was born. That was fun!  My aunt is Pregnant and so that has definitely been exciting. We are in the process of making her a pregnancy album to document everything. I am also trying to finish me and my fianc√©'s 2010 album up to this point. His whole family came into town for Thanksgiving and we all had a blast. We made the announcement to them that we are getting married next year and everyone was so happy. We knew they would be but they live in LA and Oklahoma, so hadn't heard the news. That turned out to be the best weekend in a long time; with all things good. Tomorrow is my little sisters birthday, She will be 20. We are all going out to dinner on Saturday night to this wonderful italian/pizza place called Nona Emilias. Im excited for that. And I also just got free tickets from my work to go to our festival of trees this weekend. Going to be very busy until the holidays are over. Crazy but FUN!!!

I also still have to make things for gifts and send them away. I am almost finished with all the Save the Dates for my wedding; about 30 left to make...

See you back here tomorrow!!!!

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PinkBlingCrafter said...

HI Ashley, thank you for stopping by my blog and joining us on the Christmas Blog Hop and leaving a lovely comment!!! Good luck on winning some goodies:)